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Jun 13 2017

3 Must-Dos For Landing Page Testing #ecommerce #landing #page #design


3 Must-Dos For Landing Page Testing

Great landing pages do not happen overnight or as a lucky happenstance. They are developed through many rounds of testing some successful, some not.

My experience with conversion improvement efforts and landing-page testing has taught me three critical lessons that apply, regardless of the type of company or conversion:

  1. Don t settle for the first big win
  2. Run both A/B and Multivariate (MVT) tests
  3. Nothing is too small to test

Below I’ve compiled results from several landing-page tests to help illustrate these three key points.

1. Don t Settle For The First Big Win

Even if you improve conversion rate on your first test there may be a subsequent iteration of the page that will perform even better. This series of three tests, designed to improve page design and layout, illustrates this point.

Test #1 – Test Page Design/Layout

Here, we are testing a completely different page including call-to-action, imagery, form, text and layout.

Results: Version B won with a 28% lift in conversions over Version A (Control).

Test #2 – Test Page Design/Layout

In our second test we continue to modify the overall look and feel, but this time, more focused on the colors, imagery and branding of the page.

Results: Version B won with a 26% lift in conversions over Version A (Control).

Test #3 – Test Page Design/Layout

Finally, we focus on the improving the user experience through color, contrast and layout.

Results: Version B won with a 27% lift in conversions over Version A (Control).

Through this series of three consecutive tests, we were able to continually simplify the page, keep aspects that were proven to increase conversions, and remove the elements that hindered conversions.

By not being satisfied with the first win we achieved an 81% total lift in conversions.

2. Run Both A/B Multivariate Tests

Running multivariate tests (MVT) also fills an important role in your overall testing plan because it allows you to see how multiple landing page elements interact with each other.

Multivariate testing allows you to quickly squeeze the most conversions possible out of a landing page. By testing different combinations of page elements, we begin to see how the entire page works together (or not) to assist in driving more conversions. The test below illustrates a multivariate test designed to maximize response (click-through).

Test #1 –Testing 5 Variations Of Headlines Sub-Headings Against One Another

Results: Version D was the winning combination with a 15% lift in conversions over Version A (Control).

3. Nothing Is Too Small To Test

Small changes can have a big impact on conversion rates. No element is too small or insignificant to test you might just be surprised by the results. Making small changes with no rhyme or reason will simply waste valuable time; but, with the proper analysis and data to support your hypothesis, large gains can be achieved.

Test #1 Testing Colors Of The Form Submission Button

Results: Version D won with a 17% lift in conversions over Version A (Control).

Harness The Power Of Continual Landing Page Testing

Remember, don’t settle for your first testing win. Continue to use A/B and multivariate tests to analyze broad elements like page layout as well as specific items such as calls-to-action and button color.

Conversion improvement is a process that requires analysis and effort over time. It’s well worth the time and effort since conversion improvements have a significant positive impact on ROI without requiring an additional media investment!

Some opinions expressed in this article may be those of a guest author and not necessarily Search Engine Land. Staff authors are listed here .

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As head of the Conversion Improvement department at SmartSearch Marketing, Abraham leads landing page testing strategy, implementation and analysis along with client communication and delivery. Abraham brings 4 years of experience in conversion improvement, landing page testing and usability with a specific focus towards B2B and business with a complex sale. Prior to joining SmartSearch Marketing, Abraham successfully ran his own ecommerce site and holds a bachelor of fine arts in painting along with a degree in web design and interactive media. Abraham currently resides in Denver, CO and enjoys spending time with his family, camping, hiking, playing tennis and online gaming. See more articles by Abraham Nord

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