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Sep 20 2017

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12 Month Accelerated Nursing Programs

12 month nursing programs have become one of the most popular options for individuals looking to enter the nursing field. It s a fantastic way to move through your coursework as quickly as possible, while still obtaining the information, knowledge and skills that you need to be successful in the work place, and find a great job, too. Once you learn a little bit more about accelerated nursing programs, then you may just be eager to get involved for yourself as well.

First, it s important to distinguish between the types of programs available, and the types of prospective students that they would apply to. The basic 12 month nursing program is for second degree students looking to become a nurse after studying something else, and probably having another career for several years.

These individuals have already obtained a bachelors level degree in another field. Therefore, when switching to nursing and trying to get a BSN, all they need are the appropriate, specific, skill and knowledge based courses for the field. They don t have to worry about taking all of the background, generic courses that four year degree programs require, because they have already done it. With the fast pace scheduling of accelerated nursing programs, this can be finished in as little as 12 months.

For individuals without a bachelors degree, but who are already RNs and working in the field, there are also some 12 month nursing program options. These individuals are looking to further their skills and improve their positioning in terms of future potential employment opportunities. A higher level degree not only makes them better in the field, but makes them more attractive to potential employers. This option can take anywhere from between 1 to 2 years, but as little as 12 months if you find the right program and push through.

If you ve never obtained a bachelors degree, and you re not yet a nurse in the field, then there won t be a suitable 12 month nursing program for you to take advantage of, if you want to obtain a full BSN. You can take licensing programs, associate s degree programs and other options as well, and enter the work force, but you won t have your BSN in that timeframe. Still, if this is what you have your heart set on you can reduce the time it takes to get your BSN with an accelerated online degree program even if you have no other degree and no nursing experience or licensure. By taking an increased course load, summer classes and put in a lot of work and dedication it is possible to complete your BSN in much less that the normal four years.

There s few things that could be more exciting than thinking about going back to school and finishing up an entirely new degree which can launch a lucrative and rewarding new career, and being able to do it in just 1 year! A 12 month nursing program is therefore an amazing opportunity for individuals looking to get a head start into this field, and there are similar options available for existing nurses looking to boost their education and positioning.


do you have a list of colleges with accelerated nursing programs

Yes, we have a list of colleges with accelerated nursing programs sorted by state on our page titled Schools That Offer Accelerated Nursing Programs. Hope you find what you need there.

i have a post graduate diploma in clinical microbiology and want to go for BSN: how long could that take?
Is it possible to do it on line?

The timeframe will depend on the college you enroll with and your past results and experience. It is possible to do some of the curriculum online at some schools however a lot of the course requires hands-on, clinical experience and will need to be done at the school or supporting clinics. Read our article on what the course structure of an accelerated nursing program involves for more information.

what is the time of classes because it is accelerated?
Do you go to to class for like 12 hours maybe ?

It will depend on the school and the specific program. However it is a heavy course load and most schools recommend that do not work while completing an accelerated nursing program. Some programs run at night but most during normal school hours. I think 8 to 10 hours per day would pull it up for most programs. You will need to contact the specific accelerated nursing schools to get further information on this.

I am an ovrrseas nurse n had also completed bachelor of health education from nepal. Am I eligible for fast track nursing course?

It will depend on the credits you earned during your last degree, your grades and the school you want to go to. You will need to contact your school of choice to get that answered for sure. There are many factors involved. Good luck!

I wanted to know what the best option would be, to do an accelerated program or a generic program. I am an undergrad with just a year left to graduate and I wanted to know if I should transfer to a university with a generic program or finish my degree and then apply into an accelerated program?

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