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Nov 28 2017

All in One Credit Card – Cashback Credit Card – Santander UK #cashback #with #credit #card #at #register, #all #in #one #credit #card #cashback #credit #card


All in One Credit Card

Everything you need in one credit card
With the All in One Credit Card you ll get:

0% on balance transfers for 43 months from date of account opening with no balance transfer fee

0% on purchases for 6 months from date of account opening

0.5% cashback on all of your purchases with no limits or caps

No foreign transaction fees on purchases made abroad in the local currency

Retailer Offers – get five welcome cashback offers ranging from 5% to 25% at a range of well-known major retailers once you switch on Retailer Offers via Online or Mobile Banking

You ll pay a fee of 3 a month.

Monthly fee refund for 6 months if you have one of our 1|2|3 current accounts
Within the first year of opening an All in One Credit Card, if you open (or already have) any of our 1|2|3 current accounts (excluding 1|2|3 Mini Account (in Trust)), we’ll refund your monthly credit card fee for 6 months. To qualify, activate your All in One Credit Card and then set up a Direct Debit to pay your card from your 1|2|3 current account within 30 days of opening your 1|2|3 current account or All in One Credit Card.

If you re an existing All in One cardholder visit our FAQs to find out if you qualify for the offer.

See how much you could save by transferring your existing credit or store card balances to this card and also how much cashback you could earn.

At the end of the 0% period, a 3% balance transfer fee will apply to any new balances transferred. Interest will be charged on new purchases and any outstanding balance transfer and purchase balances at the standard purchase rate of 15.9% p.a. (variable).

Representative Example
0% p.a.
on card purchases for 6 months followed by 15.9% p.a. variable on card purchases. This is equivalent to 21.7% APR representative variable based on an assumed credit limit of 1200. Monthly fee: 3.

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