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Feb 28 2018

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Register And Incorporate Your Business in Ontario

If your are planning to start a business and incorporate it in Ontario, then you are on the right track.

Limited liability and great tax advantages are just a few reasons why a lot of people incorporate a business. Below you will find more details about corporations.

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Learn about incorporating in Ontario

  • Advantages of Incorporating your business
  • How to choose the right corporate name
  • Check availability of the corporate name
  • Information required to register a corporation
  • Registered Corporate Address
  • Filing Articles and Initial Return
  • Corporate Minute Book, Seal and Shares
  • How to get registered for HST, Payroll, WSIB
  • Corporate Trade Names
  • Cost of Registration
  • What to expect after registration

I am ready to incorporate my business

I want to go directly to the application form.

Please remember to select and request the following on your application form:

  • Incorporation of your business – Professional Package. It includes the Corporate Minute Book, Seal and Share Certificates
  • Initial Return Filing
  • HST and Payroll Accounts
  • Website domain name for your business

Business incorporation services

Learn About Incorporating a Business in Ontario

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Step 1 – Advantages of Incorporating your business.

A corporation is a unique legal entity and it is separate from the people who own its shares.

8. Ability to hold title to real estate and enter into contracts. A corporation can own real estate and sign contracts under corporate name.

Step 2 – Choosing the right corporate name.

Choosing the right name for your new business is an important decision. You want a name that will draw potential customers, help clients identify your company and build your business image. A name that is easy to remember and provides information about the products or services you offer is always a good choice. Choose a distinctive name to stand out from your competitors. Make sure the name is not misleading or confusing in its description of the goods or services you will provide.

The first step is to decide if you will have a name for the corporation or use a numbered company . There is no requirement for the corporation to have a name. You can incorporate a company using a number; for example 22563331 Ontario Inc. . Upon successful registration the Registrar will assign the next sequential number to the corporation as part of its name. A corporation incorporated in this way is a numbered company .

Most people prefer to have a name for their corporation: to give it a unique identity, to avoid confusion with other corporations, and to give a general idea of the nature of the business to be carried on by the corporation.

Step 3 – Check availability of the proposed corporate name

Before making a final decision on your corporate name and ordering forms or stationery, you may want to know if someone else is already using the name. You can do a Preliminary name search that will allow you to check up to 3 names for $15 plus tax. A more accurate NUANS search would be advisable if you want to be absolutely sure that your name is not used by someone else. You can order a NUANS here. The cost is $39.95 plus tax per each name you search. Please note that a NUANS search is mandatory for incorporating a business in Ontario.

Once you have selected a particular name you can perform a name search in advance, or to simplify the process, you can do the name search as part of your application form.

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