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Sep 26 2017

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Credit Card Processing

Retail Merchant Account offers the best credit card processing terminals as well as web-based Virtual Terminals for new and established brick-and-mortar businesses. Our secure credit card processing solutions enable business owners to process credit card payments easily and affordably. Whether you are a small business owner employing few people or a big corporation employing hundreds and thousands of people, choosing the right credit card payment processing partner will go a long way in determining how your business will fare in the long run. Founded in 1995, we have been in the industry for 20 long years. hence we know most of the problems and situations that any business goes through (big or small) and hence we have tailored our products and services to make life easier. The bottom line and the sad truth of today’s business is, if as a business (offline or online) you are not accepting card payments, you are excluding a large chunk of the market out. The sooner you start accepting credit card payments, the better for you and your business.

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Internet Merchant Accounts offers state-of-the-art merchant account solutions for Internet merchants of all sizes. Our secure credit card processing services enables merchants to accept credit cards instantly over a website in real-time. Processing credit cards online will become a swift and accurate undertaking. Helping you avoid unnecessary hassles through unrivaled services and customer support is a top priority for us. Internet merchants also receive our web-based Virtual Terminal for manual card processing. This will enable you to improve your bottom line significantly as most buyers prefer making payments online for the sake of convenience and security that trusted online merchants provide. For a business this also allows you to increase and reach more clients (as the web is throughout the world) thereby increasing your client base. You can have clients outside the country of operation, if you ship worldwide. The best part us unlike the retail shop, an online shop is open 24*7 and hence you can make sales any time of the day and anywhere in the world.

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Mail Phone Credit Card Processing

Does your business accept credit card orders over the phone, by mail or by fax? If so, our Virtual Terminal is the perfect solution. It will turn any computer with Internet access into a web-based credit card terminal. Accept credit cards with ease — it’s your right as a business in the 21st century. With our terminal, all you have to do is type in your customers’ credit card information and click Submit — the transaction is processed instantly. As a business owner one has to adapt to new technologies to remain relevant in the fast changing world. Choosing the right credit card processing company is not only important but vital for your business survival and growth. Choosing the right credit card processing company with a solid track record will help ease lot of your tensions as a business owner.

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Wireless Credit Card Processing

Do you conduct business on the road or have a need to regularly process credit card payments when you are at your customers’ location? Perhaps you have to process payments at trade shows? Our mobile credit card processing can do a great job of streamlining your billing process and boosting your cash flow. Our mobile solutions include wireless credit card terminals and our web-based Virtual Terminal. Trust us when we say there is nothing ‘virtual’ in sales. Either you have the sale or you don’t. Having a good, secure and easy wireless credit card processing system will determine, whether you make it or fail in your endeavor. Let us help you in your goal of achieving whatever you have set out to achieve.

Third Party Processing Merchant Accounts

Not all credit card processing services offer high-quality professional processing capabilities. Many so-called merchant account providers do not give their clients a dedicated merchant account, but rather conduct credit card processing services and transactions using their own merchant account. This type of service may seem without drawbacks at first, but that is certainly not the case when a business is serious about accepting credit cards. The reason is simple. A good and reliable payment processor makes it so much easier to handle all your business transactions (offline or online). From keeping the records of all the transactions, checking fraud payments, releasing your funds quickly and more importantly doing all these at a low price to help you gain more sales and thereby making more profit and improving your bottom line.

Wondering about services for high risk credit card processing? We can help. Let us provide you with your own merchant account — one that is secure, makes sense, and is cost-effective. There’s no reason to cut corners on something so important, especially when quality services are affordably priced.

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Low Cost Guarantee

We’re so confident that has the lowest costs that we will pay you $200 to find a better deal! If you find a competitor of offering a direct merchant account and the same hardware, software, or payment gateway that currently offers, will beat the costs of the competitor’s offer or else pay you $200. And if you are currently processing credit cards, then if you send us your most recent credit card processing statement, will beat the competitor’s costs or else pay you $200. If you open a new merchant account, and then find a lower offer afterward, will honor the low cost guarantee for 30 days after opening the account.

In order to take advantage of the low cost guarantee, merchants must provide a contract from a competitor showing the full fee-schedule, and the competitor must be a verifiable registered provider of Visa and MasterCard services or, for merchants already processing credit cards, merchants must provide a copy of their most recent credit card processing statement long with a copy of their original merchant agreement that includes the full fee-schedule. When comparing costs, we will analyze all costs including, but not limited to, processing fees, transaction fees, monthly fees, annual fees, cancellation fees, and costs for hardware, software, or payment gateway.

We will project these costs based on the merchant s actual or projected monthly credit card sales volume and average ticket size. In the event fails to beat a competitor’s offer, in order to receive the $200 payment from, merchants are required to open a merchant account with or send proof that an account has been opened with a competitor that failed to match pricing of, and the merchant must keep the account open for a minimum of three months.

This offer is limited to merchants who reside within the fifty United States and whose businesses are physically located within the fifty United States. This offer expires March 1, 2016. and may be extended further at the sole discretion of

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