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Jul 4 2018

Find Acupuncture Treatment ‘Near Me’ – by State

To find a Licensed Acupuncturist near you, just click on the relevant State button situated above. The section below explains what to look for in your ideal Acupuncturist.

Local Acupuncturist?
Most patients need to visit their Acupuncturist a number of times before treatment is complete. Several weeks of visits for acute problems, might extend to many months (or even years) for chronic conditions. Therefore two of the most important factors to consider when finding an Acupuncture Doctor suitable for you are:

  • How far away their clinic is
  • How straightforward it will be for you to travel to (and perhaps park at) their location. Remember, you might have to visit them frequently!

When you have compiled a short-list of Acupuncture doctors near you contact several, and ask them various questions to help decide the most suitable Acupuncturist for you.

How Qualified is my Acupuncturist?
Acupuncturists can be qualified to different levels of expertise. In the US, many Acupuncturists have trained for 3-5 years and gained hundreds of hours of practical experience – so as to receive a Master s degree in Oriental Medicine. They will probably have L.Ac after their name. A lesser (but still decent) level of qualification is a Degree in Oriental Medicine and/or practical experience as an apprentice which allows a practitioner to have Dipl. Ac. (Diplomate of Acupuncture) or Dipl. O.M. (Diplomate of Oriental Medicine) after their name. Then there are western doctors (MD or DO) who have L.Ac after their name because they are also licensed to practice Acupuncture. Although highly trained Western doctors, these latter Medical Acupuncturists may only have 100-200 hours of training in Acupuncture.
Acupuncturists in the UK cover the spectrum from those who have studied years to the level of a Masters Degree and are members of the Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture UK (ATCM) or British Acupuncture Council (BAcC) through to those that have taken a course lasting just months.
Ask your Acupuncturist what qualification s/he has and how much specific Acupuncture training they ve experienced and pick the level that you feel is required for you.

What Type Acupuncture do they Practice?
Many people would imagine that having one set of needles stuck into you is the same as having another set stuck into you. However we at ‘ Acupuncture Near Me ‘ know that different theories underpin different methods of Acupuncture. Traditional Chinese Acupuncture (TCM) is the most commonly studied and practiced methodology. However your practitioner might be one who uses Japanese, Korean or even Auricular Acupuncture (the latter focuses on the ear to treat the whole body and tends to be used for pain control and drug, alcohol and nicotine addictions).
Practitioners of the style known as Medical Acupuncture are normally Western doctors. The theory of their treatment focuses more on the part of the body than the person as a whole, and they to tend to focus more on pain control.

How Specialized is the Acupuncturist?
Just as regular Western Doctors can become specialized in various branches of medicine, Acupuncturists might specialize too. If you have pain issues, then hiring an Acupuncturist near to you that specializes in pain would be better for you than hiring a generalist or one that specializes in sleep.

How Experienced is the Acupuncturist?
Given a choice between two similarly qualified professionals, we at ‘ Acupuncture Near Me ‘ would always be tempted to pick a veteran with more practical experience under their belt than one that is located a mile closer to us, but wet behind the ears . Someone that has treated back pain a thousand times, dealing with all its manifestations in real people, will probably have that edge over someone that knows the theory but has only treated dozens of such patients. Ask the Acupuncturist: Have you treated my specific ailment before? Roughly how many times have you treated my particular issue? What successes and failures did you have? How many sessions might a full treatment require?

Are they licensed to practice Acupuncture near you?
There is a lot of variation in US State Laws pertaining to Acupuncture practice licensing. Ensure that the Acupuncturist you are considering using can prove that they are legally entitled to treat you.

Does the Acupuncture Doctor Accept Insurance for your Specific Treatment?
Although we at ‘ Acupuncture Near Me ‘ advocate ‘nearness to you’ as a primary factor in choosing your acupuncturist, because of the number of sessions that could be required – costs are important too. If your acupuncturist does not accept insurance, then over many sessions of treatment, the final invoice to you would be so much greater than if you’d selected an acupuncturist slightly further away who does accept insurance. And does your Insurance Company include acupuncture treatment in their policy? How many sessions will your insurance company cover? How much will they actually pay towards each treatment? Do they insist on certain acupuncturists providing the treatment? In the UK many insurance companies will cover the cost of treatments with BAcC registered acupuncturists.

Does the Acupuncturist carry Malpractice Insurance?
Injuries and mishaps in Acupuncture are relatively rare; however in the unlikely event that some harm does come to you it will benefit both you and the Acupuncturist if they themselves are covered.

What Vibe Do you Get from Your Acupuncturist?
Western orthodox medicine tends to view illness in a more mechanistic way then Eastern medicine. If one part of you isn t working, then western medicine is more inclined to treat just that part, whereas Oriental medicine treats the whole person with the aim of easing the specific complaint you present to them. A Western medical appointment might last 15 minutes; an Acupuncture appointment might last an hour and include many personal questions . If a therapist aims to treat the whole person (spiritual, emotional, mental physical) then it s important that their chi doesn t impact badly on yours. To put it bluntly, you need to get a good feeling or hunch when you speak to your prospective acupuncturist. During and after speaking to them are you left in a good space or do you feel disquiet, unease or irritation? We at ‘ Acupuncture Near Me ‘ advise listening to your feelings when making your final choice of practitioner rapport is vital.

Acupuncturist Recommendations and Referrals
If a member of your family, your personal Doctor, or one of your close circle of friends is able to recommend a local Acupuncturist because of their own positive experiences, this referral should figure in your thinking. There are various local rating websites like Yelp and Angies List, whose reviews may or may not be reliable too (fraudulent reviews aren t unknown).
If you have no personal connection to your proposed Acupuncturist, consider checking the governing body for any qualification they have (or association they profess to be a member of, or State they say they are registered to practice in) – for confirmation they are who they say they are before you visit them for the first time.

What Facilities does the Acupuncturist Treatment Room contain?
On one end of the spectrum there are Acupuncturists whose treatment rooms are spotlessly clean, safe and clinical at the other end of the scale there might be someone who consults in a messy shoebox of a room. Other possibilities include a clinic s community treatment room model (where you rub shoulders with other patients) or even luxury Spa-like environments. If you can t access photos of where the acupuncturist works then ‘ Acupuncture Near Me ‘ advises not to book lots of sessions with them, until after your first visit.

How Much will it Cost You?
Costs per a session can run the gamut from sub $50 to $95+ (1). Ask the Acupuncturist for their fees in advance, and accept a practitioner who charges less might have less experience or qualifications (which might not be too detrimental if your condition is not particularly complex (like a sprained ankle).
In the UK some NHS GPs practices offer treatment (i.e. free) that includes acupuncture, but this is not yet a common practice.
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