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Apr 19 2018

Foglight IT Infrastructure Performance Monitoring Software Tools, perf mon.#Perf #mon



  • Used by thousands of customers worldwide to monitor critical infrastructure performance.
  • Identifies and resolves performance issues across applications, databases and virtual environments.
  • Heterogeneous support across multiple hypervisors, web, database and storage platforms.
  • Extends your monitoring capabilities to Citrix VDI, OpenStack, and more, with optional cartridges.

Go beyond application performance monitoring with Foglight to quickly identify and resolve performance issues across your applications, databases and virtual environments. Our Foglight family of products easily integrates with your existing tools, so you can monitor and analyze data from almost any source across your infrastructure and view it through a single interface with our customizable, unified monitoring platform. And with our fully customizable dashboards, you’re able to zero in on what matters most to your organization and view data in ways that are relevant to your business, giving you the visibility you need without killing productivity.

IT environments have become increasingly more complex as a result of greater heterogeneity, and the inevitable influx of end users can lead to performance issues. With Foglight, you’re able to proactively monitor, manage and resolve performance issues across your infrastructure before they impact end user productivity.

Foglight enables you to reclaim valuable time, so you can stop being reactive, and start being proactive.

Perf mon

Infrastructure performance monitoring

Optimize the configuration, performance and utilization of your hypervisors, VMs and storage while gaining end-to-everything visibility across your virtual infrastructure. Leverage real-time and historical data and reporting capabilities to inform your decision making and get critical insights into your future capacity needs. And consistently manage your diverse operating systems and unify your disparate IT infrastructure with a single, centralized platform.

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