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Apr 4 2018

Global Health Sciences MS

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Global Health Sciences MS

preparing leaders in research, policy, organizational leadership, program management and evaluation, and academia

The Master of Science in Global Health is a one-year, four-quarter program designed for those who wish to acquire expertise and develop leadership skills in the field of global health. Graduates are prepared for careers in research, policy, organizational leadership, program management and evaluation, and academia.

A centerpiece of the program is a yearlong seminar that prepares students for capstone projects in locations around the world, emphasizing project management, study design, practicalities of field research, and cultural sensitivity. Courses emphasize hands-on global health practice through lectures, seminars, case studies, debates, and team-based projects. The learning environment is dynamic and emphasizes faculty involvement, peer teaching, problem-solving, and discussion.

UCSF Global Health Sciences (GHS) was established in 2003 by Dr. Haile T. Debas to create a vision and provide institutional leadership for global health at UCSF. Reporting directly to Chancellor Sam Hawgood, GHS underscores UCSF’s commitment to global health and to the care of vulnerable populations at home and throughout the world.

The GHS master’s program boasts a high faculty-to-student ratio and world-renowned global health faculty. Dozens of faculty members from UCSF’s four professional schools (medicine, pharmacy, dentistry, and nursing) and the Graduate Division, as well as from other UC campuses and the broader community, teach and mentor the master’s students.

Global Health Sciences MS graduates often pursue further degrees (especially MD or PhD degrees) and work in academia, governmental agencies, and non-profit or NGO settings. Note that a new PhD program in Global Health Sciences is also being offered at UCSF as of January 2016.

The GHS education program office is located at the UCSF Mission Bay campus. Visit the program website for more information.

The Global Health Sciences master’s program is offered by the UCSF Graduate Division.
Programs in Global Health Sciences, unlike other programs at UCSF, are not administered by any of the UCSF Schools; rather GHS reports directly to the chancellor.
Courses are delivered by faculty members from all UCSF schools and many departments.

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