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Apr 10 2018

Home – Home At Last, pet hospice.#Pet #hospice

pet hospice

Pet hospice Pet hospice Pet hospice

Pet hospice Pet hospice Pet hospice Pet hospice Pet hospice

Pet hospice

Pet hospice

At Home Pet Euthanasia

Welcome and thank you for your interest in Home At Last, a mobile veterinary practice providing end of life care for your beloved pet. Home At Last was established in 2010 by veterinarian, Dr. Sheila Kirt, to provide those being confronted with the end of their pet’s life another alternative. Home At Last services Tucson, Arizona and surrounding areas. It’s difficult when our pets are old, in pain, or otherwise ill to put them through the stress of loading them into a vehicle for a trip to the vet. Even when there is a longstanding relationship with a trusted veterinarian, it’s hard to imagine our final goodbye in a clinical setting. Home At Last will come to you and your pet when it’s too difficult to consider driving them anywhere else, or if you simply prefer to say goodbye in the comfort of a familiar environment. End of life care for your pet in the comfort of your own home eliminates unnecessary stress on an already fragile pet as well as the anxiety of being out in public and having to drive during a highly emotional time. Home At Last is here to help you with your pet s end of life care so that your only regret is the loss of your pet.

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