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Jun 13 2017

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Our Customers Keep Telling Us Why Discount Auto Parts Rock! T. C. “Only way it could have been better is if was free”. Anonymous “You delivered my ordered goods fast and accurate.”. Anonymous “Quality parts at a great price! Superb customer service and prompt shipping! What more could -anyone ask? I will definitely order again”. “Anonymous “Very satisfied customer.”. Anonymous “Best prices and fast international shipping.”. Anonymous “You guys do great”. B. C. “Easy, quick transaction!” Anonymous “FAST” Anonymous “Hello Discount Auto Parts, Mr. Belmonte, and staff, I have been ordering items from your parts store for a long time with a break in between time, I first ordered from you back in 2005″. Anonymous “I have been well pleased with the service that I have been receiving.”. “Anonymous “The shipping time, notifications with invoices, the conversation on the telephone, and information. I will continue asking for your services in Auto Parts.”. Anonymous To everyone at Discount Auto Parts, Thank you for your service.”. G. N. “FAST DELIVERY AT A GOOD PRICE.”. D. C. “Ease in locating correct parts on website. Quick shipment time. Great customer service especially regarding needed part questions.”. D. B. “As I live in Scotland. Parts are very hard to find as you can understand with finding your self’s on Internet has helped brilliant.”. Anonymous”With your brilliant cheap prices value with shipping which I found very expensive checking other parts suppliers until found your self’s as I said also very quick service considering distance.”. Anonymous “I hope to be dealing with you soon for other parts as I am trying to restore my Dodge W150 as being the only one in Scotland.”. D.B “Thanks again for your service.”. V. K. “Ease of site, promised delivery date, order was filled with no mistakes.”. S. M. “Correct part, correct fit, Great price, free shipping.”. J. K. “got the right part, speedy delivery”. U. J. “My interaction with the sales rep was quick and courteous.”

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