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Jun 17 2017

PC-Doctor Computer – Android Hardware Diagnostic Software Tools, PC Repair Kits #android, #droid, #diags, #tablets,


High-Volume Repair

These five-star rated, professional level hardware diagnostic tool kits are used by PC, Android, and Mac repair technicians, service professionals, and hobbyists, on the bench and on the road. Large and small repair organizations use these device troubleshooting tool kits to shorten system diagnostic time and reduce parts usage. Full Windows 10 and Android 6.0 support! Learn more

All new Toolbox for Windows now available! Monitoring your PC and Android devices has never been easier. Test and monitor your mobile phones and tablets with the all new Android app! PC-Doctor Toolbox automatically monitors key hardware and software components, offering system information with detailed results utilizing the same core diagnostics that PC makers worldwide have relied on for years. Learn more

PC-Doctor’s OEM solutions are pre-installed on individual PC computer systems and Android devices by manufacturers, resellers, warranty providers and others to create a first line of defense against the unnecessary return of no-trouble-found hardware. Through the PC-Doctor Intelligent Messaging Services (IMS), PC-Doctor’s OEM solutions deliver highly contextual support and marketing messages to improve and enhance the PC user experience, reduce support costs, and drive aftermarket revenue. In addition to the client application, cloud infrastructure and integration services, PC-Doctor offers operational services to create, publish and manage messages globally.

These factory hardware diagnostic solutions are the gold standard for high-volume repair, manufacturing, refurbishment, and electronic recycling companies that focus on testing PCs and the latest Android devices. These solutions can be customized to fit your business needs and reduce out-of-box-failures and improve first-time-fix rates. An automated testing environment can increase productivity and accuracy of your hardware diagnostics with the option of a SQL-compliant database.

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