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Mar 22 2018

Rackspace Cloud – Load Balancer as a Service (LBaaS) FAQ

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Rackspace Cloud – Load Balancer as a Service (LBaaS) FAQ

Cloud Load Balancer is ideal for…

Mission critical web-based applications and workloads requiring high availability. Load balancing distributes workloads across two or more servers, network links, and other resources to maximize throughput, minimize response time and avoid overload. Rackspace Cloud Load Balancers allow customers to quickly load balance multiple Cloud Servers for optimal resource utilization.

High Throughput Bandwidth

Since the Load Balancer is connected via 10Gb/second network to both public

and Rackspace’s internal network… Does this mean a customer can connect all backend nodes to their Load Balancer using the “Private” network interfaces,

(effectively doubling the network throughput limits they would have with the Public interf ace)? And what are the limiting f actors that may influence the actual throughput at a given time.

The thing to keep in mind that this is shared infrastructure, so that while we can support a high level of throughput, it’s important to keep in mind that if a customer is going to require a dedicated level, the n we’ll want to have a more in-depth conversation with them.

For most customers, however, the throughput limitations are purely a factor of the aggregate ServiceNet traffic limitation imposed on the Cloud Servers. Specifically, tw o Cloud Servers behind a l oad balancer with a 20 mbps bandwidth cap are capable of 40mbps of throughput (theoretica l) through the load balancer. Load Balancer Tech page –

And if they do use the Private interfaces to connect their backend nodes to Load Balancer, does this mean they will only be billed for the In/Outbound bandwidth

usage for th e Load Balancer’s public traffi c? (assuming the backend nodes Public interfaces are closed)…

If customers are load balancing Rackspace Cloud Servers using the private IP address, customers will be billed for cloud load balancers bandwidth; however, there are no additional charges for Cloud Servers bandwidth. Load Balancer Pricing – http://www.rackspac /cloud_hosting_produ cts/loadbalanc ers/pric ing/

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