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Jun 24 2017

Seminary Degree Programs – Calvary University #calvary #bible #college #and #theological #seminary


Master of Arts in Biblical Counseling – 54 Credit Hours

The master of arts program in Biblical Counseling is designed to prepare men and women for counseling ministries in church, parachurch, and community settings. The program utilizes courses in Bible, practical theology, and biblical counseling principles to provide the student with a knowledge and use of the Holy Scriptures concerning God, man, and the nature of man in solving man s problems. As such, Calvary Theological Seminary teaches and practices a purely nouthetic counseling approach and methodology (biblical psychology) that best complements Gospel-centered biblical soul-care and discipleship for lasting change.

  • That the student be able to articulate a biblical philosophy of counseling.
  • That the student demonstrates, in his life, the Christian character qualities necessary for a biblical counseling ministry.
  • That the student acquires a basic knowledge of the counseling process.
  • That the student be able to biblically identify people problems.
  • That the student thoroughly understands the dangers and influences of blending humanistic and integrational counseling principles in a biblical counseling setting.
  • That the student develops communication skills needed for counseling one-on-one and in small group situations.
Master of Arts in Biblical Counseling – 54 Credit Hours

Tuition and Fees 2017-2018

*The full meal plan is required for all freshman (29 or fewer credits). Students with 30 or more credits recorded on their Calvary transcript may select from other meal plan options.

Master of Divinity (M.Div) – Pastoral Studies – 90 Credit Hours

The Master of Divinity program serves to provide solid preparation for pastoral ministry, ministry on the mission field, and chaplaincy. Other ministry goals, such as Christian education, campus ministry, and counseling will also benefit from the biblical and theological foundation offered in the Master of Divinity program. Advance standing is granted for those who have adequate undergraduate preparation in the specified areas.

The Master of Divinity program builds on any of the M.A. programs of the Seminary. Because both the Greek and Hebrew languages are required for this program, it fits better with either the N.T. or O.T. programs. However, because the core is the same for all M.A. programs, any M.A. degree may be applied toward the M.Div. degree.

Advanced Standing Option

Graduates from Christian colleges that hold a doctrinal position similar to Calvary s may petition to have up to 15 credit hours waived (i.e. reducing the total hours required) if they have earned at least a B in equivalent upper-level (junior or senior) courses in the following areas: Hebrew (up to 8 hours); Greek (second-year or above; up to 8 hours); biblical language electives (second-year or above; up to 6 hours); Bible exposition electives (up to 6 hours); theology electives (up to 4 hours); homiletics (up to 3 hours); and Bible, biblical language, or theology electives (up to 6 hours).

  • That the student be prepared for ministry.
  • That in the study of Scripture, the student applies correct linguistic and hermeneutical skills.
  • That the student interprets Scripture from a consistently literal grammatical historical perspective.
  • That the student fashions a ministry philosophy and practice based on an accurate theological foundation.
Master of Divinity (M.Div) – 90 Credit Hours

Tuition and Fees 2017-2018

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