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Jul 4 2018

Social Policy and Development

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Social Policy Development Programme

We are an international bachelor programme in Social Policy and Development of the Social Administration of Thammasat University. Here is what we have to offer:

  • A campus on the banks of the Chao Phraya, in the heart of Bangkok.
  • Four years of interdisciplinary teaching in English
  • Endless opportunities for extracurricular activities, internship and volunteering
  • One semester abroad in top-notch universities across the world
  • A dynamic and innovative team with an open ear
  • and much more!

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If you are a prospective students. you can learn more about our programme here and here or about the application procedure here .

If you are looking for more information on our exchange programme. here is the place to look.

If you want to know more about our professionalpartners. here is where to go.

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What is SPD?

About spd:

The Social Policy and Development (SPD) Programme is an international bachelor programme, entirely taught in English and opened to ambitious and driven Thai and foreign students. The programme was launched in 2013 with one mission:

Preparing tomorrow’s decision-makers.

Our teaching philosophy:

At the core of this ambitious goal is a team of experienced and innovative lecturers both from Thailand and from abroad. These diverse professors ensure that students are exposed to wide range of approaches and worldviews so that each can find one fitting his or her expectations. At the core of SPD values are open-mindedness. critical thinking and intellectual rigor.

SPD programme’s formation aims at keeping in touch with the demand of the job market and any emerging social trends. To ensure that no significant gap emerges between our curriculum and the professional world, the SPD team keeps in constant communication with professionals. Students are given frequent opportunity to meet and question experts of various issues during lecture or during special seminars organized every semester, and during mandatory or optional internships.

Our curriculum:

The guiding principle of the SPD curriculum is interdisciplinary teaching. We belief that to be ready to tackle the issues of today’s world, one needs to see society through more than one lens. During the 4 years students will spend in SPD, they will be introduced to all major disciplines of social sciences: sociology, law, political science, psychology and communication.

Students who display high academic skills will be given the chance to go on exchange for a semester during their last year, allowing them to attend the world’s top university.

Our career prospect:

SPD prepares its students to become socially minded decision makers, capable of quickly grasping issues and devising solutions. The skill set they will develop during their studies will make them valuable recruits for International Organizations, local or international NGOs and foundations, government agencies and socially-minded companies.

But the list is not exhaustive. The SPD programme is designed to give to students the broadest range of possibilities regarding their future career. Whether they want to work in the public or private sector, whether they want to lead their career in Thailand or abroad, whether they want to join an large international organization or a small start-up, SPD will have given them the tools to excel.

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