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Sep 7 2018

Sound Engineering Degree Course in Pune, India

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Degree in Sound Engineering (Pune)

Course Description

The music industry is alive and thriving here in India, with everything from regional classical to electronic dance music finding an audience in the country and around the world. There is no lack of artists out there, looking to hone their craft and create the best output of their talents, something that only a sound engineer can help accomplish.

Films, television, and documentaries are all audio-visual mediums, and rely on sound engineering as well. Without sound, the cinematic experience is one that feels handicapped and lacking. It is not just dialogue or music, but a whole lot of critical auditory components that can make or break a motion picture’s success. Seamedu’s degree in sound engineering is the foremost sound engineering course in Pune. It provides students with a practical-focused approach to this exciting industry, and through this sound engineering degree students will receive all the theoretical knowledge and hands-on training to be a resounding success in this field.

12 th / High School / Equivalent

Awards (On Completion)

  • Bachelors of Arts in Journalism Mass Communication (Sound Engineering) degree from a UGC recognized University located in Pune.
  • Apple certification for Logic Pro X
  • Avid Certifications for Pro Tools 100 level

Quick Look (Topics Covered)

  • Working knowledge of physics of sound
  • Recording gear operation
  • Understanding acoustic environments and studio design
    Music Production
  • Live Sound
  • Film Sound
  • Golden Ears Training programme
  • Advanced Digital Tech and Electronic Music Production
  • Software like: Pro Tools, Logic Pro, Reason, Ableton, Nuendo/Cubas

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Career Options

  • Sound Recordist
  • Music Arranger
  • Sound Designer
  • Mixing Engineer
  • Jr. Sound Engineer
  • Live Sound Engineer

Course Content | Duration: 3 years

  • Fundamentals of Communication Skills
  • Digital Multimedia
  • Fundamentals of Mass Media
  • Elective: Sound Engineering
    • Basics of Sound
    • Decibels
    • Microphones
    • Monitors
    • Consoles
    • Signal Processing
    • Cables
  • Writing for Media
  • Visual Communication – I
  • Current affairs
  • Elective: Sound Engineering
    • Digital Technology
    • Software Training (Pro Tools 101)
    • Software Training (Pro Tools 110)
    • Music Recording Session
    • Music Mixing
  • Media Research – I
  • Media Research – II
  • Visual Communication – II
  • Elective: Sound Engineering
    • Ear Training
    • Music Theory
    • Electronic Music Production Theory
    • Sampling
    • Synthesis
    • Software Training (Logic Pro X)
  • Development Communication
  • Advertising and Public Relations – I
  • New Media
  • Elective: Sound Engineering
      • Software Training (Ableton Live)
      • Software Training (Nuendo)
      • Acoustics
      • Mastering
      • Music Business
  • Media Organization Marketing
  • Media Law and Ethics
  • Environment Media
  • Elective: Sound Engineering
      • Film Sound Theory
      • On Location Recording Techniques
      • Post Production (Film)
      • Surround mixing technology
      • Computer Game Sound
      • Live Sound
  • Dissertation
  • Research Project
  • Internship
  • Elective: Sound Engineering
      • 6 months internship/ Project: Sound for 30 min Documentary + 30 min Sound Design for Visual

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