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Sep 30 2017

Gallbladder Problems Tests #gallbladder, #gallstone, #liver #function #tests, #lft, #amylase, #lipase, #pancreas, #cbc, #complete #blood

# Tests Used to Diagnose Gallbladder Problems Gallbladder problems are diagnosed through various tests. These may include: Liver tests (LTs), which are blood tests that can show evidence of gallbladder disease. A check of the blood’s amylase or lipase levels to look for inflammation of the pancreas. Amylase and lipase are enzymes (digestive chemicals) produced in the pancreas . A complete blood count (CBC), which looks at levels of different types of blood cells such as white blood cells. A high white blood cell count may indicate infection. The use of ultrasound testing which uses sound waves to image and …

Aug 23 2017

Aftermarket Supply Chain Association focused on 3PSPs to whom OEMs, ODMs, Branded and Retail companies

# Upcoming Events Upcoming Webinars Upcoming Committee Mtgs News Highlights Industry/Focus Committees Memberships RL Solutions Publications History The RLA was founded in 2002 when research studies were completed which revealed that over $750 billion annually was being spent on reverse logistics processes in North America alone. It was determined that a wide gap existed between third party service providers who offered reverse logistics services, and the OEMs, Retailers, and Brand Marketers who needed their services. The study also revealed there was no existing platform for discussing and sharing ‘best practices’ through any tradeshows, magazines, or trade associations that served the …